At Wattle Creek and across Boisset Collection our vision is to create the most passionate, inspiring and inclusive wine community in the world. Additionally our mission is to respect the terroir and heritage of the wineries we steward; revel in creativity and audacity and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit.



At Boisset Collection we champion women at all levels of the organization:

– 56% of employees are female

– 58% of female employees hold management positions

– 100% of C-Suite is female

– 50% of the sales team is female

– 5+ YEARS The average tenure of female employees who have worked work at Boisset


Within the California Wine Industry:

– 14% of bonded wineries have a female lead winemaker

– 38% of wineries are owned or co-owned by women

– 67% of California winemakers are Female


“Wine has the potential to authentically HONOR THE LITERAL FRUITS OF MOTHER NATURE, if we are receptive and respectful to their natural path from grapes on the vine to peak expression in the glass. There are so many factors and players along the way guiding this élevage, it is our noble responsibility to make decisions thoughtfully and with respect to the land, ecosystems, resources, communities and individuals that are touched. Each action demands that Hope guides us to honor that COMMITMENT TO TRUE RESPECT AND EQUITY in our radical participation in the world of wine.” –Katie Carter, Winemaker


“Wine is bringing HOPE AND HEALING. At Boisset, we strongly feel that while Oceans separate us, WINE BRINGS US TOGETHER.” – Bridgette Cusamano, Vice President of Sales, East


“Wine is often treated as a luxury product, and while it can be expensive and rare, we are also making wines that should be had around the table with friends and family. WINE BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER and enjoying wine and food with loved ones REMINDS US OF HOW BOUNTIFUL MOTHER EARTH IS, and how lucky we are to be able to appreciate it.” – Sarah Vandendriessche, Winemaker for Elizabeth Spencer Winery


“The relationships I have forged at Boisset are RICH AND ENDURING. Not only do we depend on each other for SUPPORT IN OUR WORK, but in our personal lives as well.” – Ellen Springwater, Head of Operations & Customer Success, Ambassador Program


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